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BFM Saint John – New Store Manager

NEW STORE MANAGER HIRED AT BFM SAINT JOHN The Board of Directors of BFM (Saint John) Enterprises Society wish to announce and congratulate their first Manager, Kevin Smith.  The excitement is building as the Store at Loch Lomond Place in Saint John, will open SOON.   We thank God for the special skills and character that

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St John Opening

Opening Soon – BFM Saint John, New Brunswick

BFM Saint John - 120 McDonald Street, Loch Lomond Place. Our newest Atlantic BFM Thrift Store will open August 28,2015!  If you are in the area, please come check out their beautiful new Store and help support our Joint Ministry with Bible League Canada!

BFM Fredericton 001

BFM Oshawa – New Store Manager

Please join us in welcoming Rhonda to BFM as you have the opportunity to do so! The message below is from the BFM Oshawa Board of Directors: The Board Of Directors of Oshawa Ontario BFM is pleased to introduce our new Manager/Leader Mrs. Rhonda Vandermeer.  Rhonda will  be officially introduced to all of our volunteers

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