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BFM Team Cash Counter

First Nova Scotia Store Open for business

With volunteers donning their BFM Thrift Store aprons, they were ready for business as customers were lined up at the door. Volunteers work very hard and long hours to keep the store stocked for opening day. There were line-ups to the back of the store for most of the day on Saturday, March 22, 2014. It was

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Oshawa BFM looking to hire a part time manager

  Bibles for Missions Foundation is a national organization with 42 thrift stores across Canada.  We raise significant funding for Bible League Canada, who in turn uses these funds to establish literacy programs, church planting, children’s ministry and distribute Bibles in many places across the world. The stores operate mainly by dedicated volunteers. The Bibles

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New building in Barrie almost ready to open

The new building for the Barrie BFM Thrift Store is almost ready to open the doors to customers.  The plan is to open on January 27 at the new location of 504 Big Bay Point Road.  The volunteers are working very hard to have the store ready.  Come on out and visit us at the

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