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BFM Belleville is hiring

BFM Belleville seeks full time manager Hiring a Full-Time Manager – for New Belleville BFM Thrift StoreFive year’s progressive retail experience, including management experience in not-for-profit/voluntary sector.    Posting closes when position is filled. For complete job posting:    email:    


Summer Bridal Fashion Show

At the Windsor BfM Store we are always looking to build partnerships within the community. I met a Women who has a Christian Not-for-profit store selling Wedding Dresses and Formal wear who like us convert donated goods into cash and have a joint ministry agreement with the Pregnancy Center. I was told “People don’t know

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BFM Foundation and Bible League of Canada celebration

Bibles for Missions Thrift Stores Celebrate Raising $60 Million Over the Past 25 Years January 24th, 2014, Burlington, ON—BFM Foundation (Canada) is celebrating 25 years of Ministry Partnership with Bible League Canada (BLC). Bible for Missions (BFM) Thrift Stores convert donated used goods into cash so that BFM Foundation (Canada) may assist Bible League Canada

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